Protect the environment

Let’s protect the environment together. Use the disposal and recycling routes provided for packaging and used products and thus make a contribution to recycling and protecting the environment.

Packaging waste

In Germany, packaging waste is mainly disposed of via the dual systems. You can find more information at; an initiative of the dual systems.
We are happy to assume responsibility for packaging that is not the responsibility of the dual systems.

Waste electrical equipment

Waste electrical equipment must be collected separately and sent for recycling. Old electronic devices do not belong in the residual and household waste, but should be recycled. For this reason
the electrical and electronic devices are also marked with the crossed-out dustbin:

We would be happy to support you in organizing the return.

Please note that you are responsible for deleting all personal data on the Teggi products before disposing of them.


As an end user, you are legally obliged to return used batteries. Please note that batteries must not be thrown in the residual waste/household waste (this is symbolized by the crossed-out wheeled bin).
The information Pb, Cd and Hg stand for mercury, cadmium or lead and are printed if the limit values ​​according to the BattG are exceeded.
Batteries can contain harmful substances that must not be released into the environment. For this reason, a separate collection must be carried out, which allows a supply for recycling.

Support saving the environment this way.